The Proastiakos  is the name for Greece’s suburban services, which are run by TrainOSE.

Currently, there are three Proastiakos networks, servicing the country’s three largest cities: Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras. providing them with modern commuter railway, towards their suburbs and also towards other cities and towns located around them.

In Athens, the Proastiakos offers a direct connection between Athens International Airport and Kiato, in the Peloponnese. The service also connects the port of Piraeus with Halkida in Evia, through Athens Railway Station, which is more commonly called Stathmos Larisis.

In Thessaloniki, there are two Proastiakos services. The first connects the city’s New Railway Station with the city of Larisa and the second links the city with Edessa.

Ιn Patras it connects the city with Rio.