8 Tips On How To Improve Your Memory

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How to improve your memory is one of the things that you will never pay a deaf ear to. Are you a student, a worker, a teacher or a business person? Remembering things is very essential in your daily activities.

The question then is, how do you improve your memory so that it can retain all that you want it to retain. It has shown that when aging people begins to forget most of the things that they have come across in life especially in terms of studies and education. Who tells you that at 90 or 100 you can still not remember what you were thought in the high school as if you are still in the stage. It all boils down to how you improve your memory to be able to remember. Are you studying and you need to improve your memory? Or are you getting older and sometimes have difficulty remembering things? Well, read on to fine a solution to your problem.

1. Do not cram.

Why do we forget? If you are a student, it is natural to have problems with remembering information. Maybe you are cramming too much information at one time, overloading the brain. Even if you are busy at work or at home, some information will be forgotten such as where you placed the keys or a file. This is because your working memory (like the scratch pad of the brain) is affected. The more information put in it at one time, the more will get lost. So slow down and cram less.

2. Focus.

Reduce distractions such as watching television. Taking notes does help and doing past exam questions helps you to focus and reinforce what you have already studied. For students doing exams in May and June, this is a good time to start reviewing past questions.  At work and at home, focus on where you place objects. Try to place the office files in one location and, at home, place keys in one location.

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3. Write things down.

This helps when you are studying, but it also helps in organising the work day. Walk around with a small notebook and make lists of things to do, and cross them out as you accomplish tasks. Post-it notes are also useful. You may jot things down to aid your memory.

4. Exercise.

Yes, exercise aids memory. Exercise increases a chemical in the brain which is called Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). This is a big term, but this chemical is like the fertiliser of the brain. It grows those areas of the brain responsible for memory. So go out and exercise. Exercise is a wonderful experience, just 30-40 minutes per day, at least three days per week, is recommended.

5. Mind training.

Activities that help to train the mind work. These are called mindfulness techniques and include such things as meditation.

6. Reduce stress.

Stress is a killer. It produces chemicals such as cortisol that will destroy brain tissue and reduce the brain fertiliser.

7. Antioxidants.

Antioxidants are good brain food. Anything that is red is a good antioxidant such as beet, cranberry, sorrel, blackberry and mulberry. We do not have to import these foods, they all grow in Jamaica.

8. Coconut oil is back on the table.

Recent reports have shown that coconut oil can protect against Alzheimer’s disease, which results in memory loss in the elderly.

Now that you have got all that it takes to improve your memory, can you still have reasons for forgetting things? With the utmost utilisation of this 8 tips on how to improve your memory, you will see yourself remembering things like a robot.